African Refiners Association ARA meets in Cape Town from March 16 to 20 - 2015

African Refiners Association ARA meets in Cape Town from March 16 to 20 - 2015

02-24-2015, 10:33 PM


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Title: African Refiners Association ARA meets in Cape Town from March 16 to 20 - 2015
Author: SudaneseOnline Press Release
Date: 02-24-2015, 10:33 PM

09:33 PM Feb, 24 2015
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Press Release pre-Conference

Oil price fall sharpens focus on refining and distribution sectors of African energy

The African Refiners Association (ARA), comprising representatives of the Africa’s downstream oil industry, meets in Cape Town from March 16-20 at the Westin Grand Hotel to consider how to invigorate investment in the African refining and distribution sectors of all countries, from the Mediterranean to the Cape of Good Hope, to meet the rising energy needs of a growing continent.

The recent fall in oil prices places increasing focus on the downstream rather than upstream sector of the oil industry.

How to create the ‘enabling environment’ for investment in the petroleum product supply chain will be the major topic of discussion during ARA WEEK with the participation of refining, trading, distribution and financing experts from around the world.

A Swiss registered not-for-profit association, the ARA, that represents refiners, storage, distribution and marketing companies as well as petroleum regulators from across Africa, will also hold its Annual General Meeting in Cape Town as part of ARA WEEK.

At a time of increasing realisation that inefficient and poor quality fuel supply has the potential to constrain the rapid economic growth across Africa, limiting the continent’s international competitiveness for goods and services as well intra-African trade, this conference features key executives involved in the future of the industry:

Dr Fatih Birol
Chief Economist/Director Global Energy Economics, International Energy Agency

Alhaji Aliko Dangote
President/CEO, Dangote Group

Ian Taylor
President/CEO, Vitol Group

Atef Marzouk
Energy, Senior Policy Officer, African Union Commission

plus other major industry players, including Didier Acouetey, Executive President, AfricSearch; Steve Terry, Director, Montauroux Services and Mark Elliott, Chairman, CITAC Africa

The ARA was formed nine years ago in order to provide a pan-African voice for the African oil supply, refining and distribution industry. The ARA represents not only their African refinery members but also many product importers, storage companies, marketers and government regulators. Its annual conference is the only meeting place for downstream oil in Africa. For further details see http:// or contact the ARA on mailto:[email protected]

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