Activists oppose Sudanese govt. officials visit to USA

Activists oppose Sudanese govt. officials visit to USA

02-07-2015, 05:41 PM


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Title: Activists oppose Sudanese govt. officials visit to USA
Author: Radio Dabanga
Date: 02-07-2015, 05:41 PM

11:41 AM Feb 7,2015
Sudanese Online
Radio Dabanga
Amsterdam NL

February 7 - 2015 WASHINGTON
Protesters outside the Hilton Hotel in Washington, where the annual National Prayer Breakfast took place on Thursday (Jake Tapper)
Protesters outside the Hilton Hotel in Washington, where the annual National Prayer Breakfast took place on Thursday (Jake Tapper)

The United States defended the visit of a Sudanese minister to Washington on Thursday, which drew criticism from American opposition figures and activists and some congressmen.

Foreign Minister Ali Karti attended the annual National Prayer Breakfast after travelling low-profile, with US President Barack Obama and other religious or political leaders. Rights activists protested the Foreign Minister's visit outside the Hilton. The US State Department told them that Karti was invited by the organisers of the event to thank him for his role in the release of Maryam Yahya Ibrahim, who was spared the death penalty after her conviction for apostasy in July 2014.

“US Senators Robert Casey and Roger Wicker, the prayer breakfast co-chairs, invited Minister Karti [to attend the event],” the spokesman for Sudan’s Foreign Ministry, Yousef El Kordofani, told Sudan Tribune on Friday.

In addition, the Assistant to the President of Sudan, Dr Ibrahim Ghandour, is expected to arrive in Washington next week. He is invited to the American administration on a number of important issues related to the bilateral relations between Sudan and the USa, the spokesman for the department informed the activists.

Marie Harf further told reporters on Thursday that Karti and Ghandour will hold discussions with US officials next week. “This visit and also the discussions with Foreign Minister Karti are a continuation of dialogue on a number of issues of longstanding concern to the US Government, with the Government of Sudan, as part of the engagement process.”

'Wrong visit by a wrong-doing person'

Yasir Arman, the Secretary-General of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N), bashed Ghandour for planning to visit the USA.

In a press statement issued on Friday, Arman raised ten other critical questions to Ghandour, all coming down to his strong disapproval of the presidential aide's planned visit. He also expressed his gratitude to the activists who campaigned on a short notice when they heard that Sudan's Foreign Minister came to Washington, and that Ghandour plans to follow next week. Arman claimed that the latter is 'wavering' between visiting Washington, or putting off his visit altogether.

In his statement, he asks how Ghandour would visit 'the very country that has become a home to thousands of Sudanese who are victims of the genocide and war crimes of his own government the last 26 years and it is still continuing?' and "How could Ghandour take his coffee in Washington at the time he is denying access for humanitarian assistance in Blue Nile, Nuba Mountains?".

The fact that Ghandour has been denying the US Special Envoy Donald Booth a visa entry to Khartoum for more than a year, but was able himself to apply for an American visa, irritates the SPLM-N official.

Arman asks what message Ghandour's visit sends to the many women and girls who were reportedly raped by soldiers in Tabit on 31 October 2014, and the children who were killed or wounded by the government's aerial bombardments in Darfur, at a time that Sudan enforces a repressive campaign against media, opposition leaders and activists.

US Congressmen Jim McGovern and Tom Lantos, co-chairs of Lantos Human Rights Commission, also issued a statement criticising the invitations extended to the two officials.

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  • South Sudan Mourns Nelson Mandela 12-06-13, 07:06 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • South Sudan Woos Investors at Conference 12-05-13, 03:27 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Sudan: ICRC facilitates handover of five soldiers in Darfur 12-04-13, 11:49 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • S. Sudan ambassador: Crossings with Sudan will open in weeks 12-02-13, 06:27 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Civil Servants Unpaid as S. Sudan Struggles to Repay Loans 11-22-13, 02:23 AM, Voice of America
  • Violence, Floods Impact Millions in S. Sudan: UN Official 11-21-13, 02:27 PM, Voice of America
  • South Sudan on Track to Lift Austerity Measures: Kiir 11-17-13, 04:03 AM, Voice of America
  • Sudanese student hopes to aid South Sudan through new RSO 11-15-13, 05:50 AM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Illegal Logging Threatens South Sudan Forests 11-15-13, 05:05 AM, Voice of America
  • After South Sudanese Return Home, Sudan Transit Camp to Close 11-14-13, 06:06 AM, Voice of America
  • S. Sudan Central Bank Backpedals on Currency Devaluation 11-14-13, 06:02 AM, Voice of America
  • After South Sudanese Return Home, Sudan Transit Camp to Close 11-13-13, 04:20 AM, BBC News
  • Sudan: Armed group releases five soldiers 11-06-13, 02:50 PM, sudaneseonline
  • Thousands of South Sudanese head home from Sudan 11-05-13, 03:10 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Flooding Cuts Off Road Linking S. Sudan, Uganda 11-05-13, 03:06 PM, اخبار سودانيزاونلاين
  • South Sudan poised to sign new deal compact with aid donors 11-05-13, 03:04 PM, اخبار سودانيزاونلاين
  • South Sudan Fights to Implement Rule of Law 11-02-13, 05:38 PM, Voice of America
  • Mbeki asks South Sudan to help Sudan in its campaign for debt relief 09-19-13, 04:23 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • EU discusses Sudan and South Sudan the issues of peace and development 09-18-13, 03:42 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Sudan’s First Vice President invites his South Sudanese counterpart to 09-17-13, 02:58 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Sudan and South Sudan’s Joint Security Committee holds its meeting in 09-17-13, 02:56 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • South Sudan: Army Unlawfully Killed Civilians 09-13-13, 03:20 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Egypt and South Sudan discuss ways of strengthening cooperation betwee 09-12-13, 03:42 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Egypt stresses that Sudan-South Sudanese relations will enhance the st 09-11-13, 06:25 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • China Pledges $43 Million Grant for South Sudan Mining 09-10-13, 03:41 PM, Voice of America
  • Sudanese Army kills two people in an attacked on South Sudanese army p 09-09-13, 04:21 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Omer Hussein, Sudan: "There will not be North without South and no Sou 09-08-13, 06:20 PM, IRIN
  • South Sudan negotiating $500mn IMF loan 09-08-13, 06:18 PM, Bloomberg
  • South Sudan bans foreigners from owning or riding motorbikes 09-05-13, 02:50 PM, Guardian News
  • Bashir, Kiir Pledge to Open New Page in Sudan Ties 09-03-13, 06:34 PM, Voice of America
  • Sudan, South avert oil pipeline shutdown 09-03-13, 06:29 PM, AFP
  • Kiir committed to resolving dispute with Sudan through dialogue 09-03-13, 06:27 PM, SudanTribune
  • South Sudanese President to meet his Sudanese counterpart in Khartoum 09-02-13, 06:58 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Sudan's president announces his readiness to discuss all outstanding i 09-02-13, 05:42 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Sudan and South Sudan to hold joint summit 09-02-13, 04:48 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Uganda: Police On High Alert As Ugandans Plot to Attack Sudanese 09-02-13, 04:20 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • South Sudanese in limbo in Khartoum 09-02-13, 04:19 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • South Sudanese Model Atong Arjok Rocks Bold Prints for Lucky Magazine’ 09-02-13, 04:12 PM, SudaneseOnline News
  • Two Sudans hold summit ahead of oil pipeline deadline 09-02-13, 04:05 PM, SudaneseOnline News

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