Opposition's symposium stopped by Sudan security

Opposition's symposium stopped by Sudan security

02-07-2015, 03:44 PM

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Title: Opposition's symposium stopped by Sudan security
Author: Radio Dabanga
Date: 02-07-2015, 03:44 PM
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09:44 PM Feb 7,2015
Sudanese Online
Radio Dabanga
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February 6 - 2015 WAD MEDANI
Faroug Abu Eisa, chairman of the NCF and currently detained by the Sudanese security, chairs a meeting of the NCF in November 2014 (Sudan Tribune)
Faroug Abu Eisa, chairman of the NCF and currently detained by the Sudanese security, chairs a meeting of the NCF in November 2014 (Sudan Tribune)

Security forces arrested four organisers of a symposium for a coalition of Sudanese opposition parties in Wad Medani, El Gezira, on Thursday. The symposium, to be held today, did not proceed.

According to the spokesman for the National Consensus Forces (NCF), the four were taken to an unknown destination on Thursday afternoon. Bakri Yousif said that they were arrested while calling on the citizens of El Gezira via a loudspeaker to attend the NCF symposium at the headquarters of the Sudanese Congress Party on Friday. The symposium was also planned to discuss the Sudan Appeal.

The four are El Daif El Zein, Mutwakil El Dabi, El Makashfi Ahmed, and a man named Jafar. They are all members of the Sudan Appeal, Bakri added, who criticised Khartoum for chasing and prosecuting them.

“The members of the Sudan Appeal are determined to advocate for the Appeal in all cities and villages of Sudan.”


The political communiqué was signed on 3 December last year in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa. In the communiqué, the united opposition parties and activists call for the end of the wars in Sudan, the dismantling of the one-party system, and the rebuilding of the country based on democratic principles and equal citizenship.

The signatories agreed that if a peaceful regime change cannot be achieved by a broad national dialogue, it should be enforced by a popular uprising. Last Monday, they launched their popular campaign to boycott the national elections under the slogan “Leave!” in Khartoum. Seminars will be organised in more than 20 places in the country to inform the Sudanese about the contents of the Sudan Appeal.

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