Tripoli attack: Authorities questioning collaborator- IS says gunmen were Tunisian, Sudaneses

Tripoli attack: Authorities questioning collaborator- IS says gunmen were Tunisian, Sudaneses

01-28-2015, 04:06 PM


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Title: Tripoli attack: Authorities questioning collaborator- IS says gunmen were Tunisian, Sudaneses
Author: MaltaToday
Date: 01-28-2015, 04:06 PM

The charge' d'Affairs of the Tripoli administration in Malta, Hussin Musrati, said today that the authorities in Tripoli are questioning a suspected collaborator in yesterday's attack on the Corinthia Hotel Tripoli.

He also insisted that 'Prime Minister' Omar al-Hassi had been in the hotel yesterday and was the target of the attack.

Omar al-HassiOmar al-Hassi

Mr al-Hasi's administration is not recognised by the international community, but it  controls much of Libya.

Mr Musrati said the 'Tripoli Salvation Government' did not know who was behind the attack. If it was Isis, he said, that would show how the Tripoli administration was against extremism. However it could also be forces loyal to General Haftar (who is allied to the recognised government in Tobruk) or Gaddafi loyalists, showing how some wanted to instil fear.

The charge d'affairs's claim that Mr al-Hassi was the target would appear to contradict claims by the  Libyan branch of Isis that it carried out the attacks, since al-Hasi is seen to be leaning to the Islamists.

Libya's Isis this morning issued pictures of the two terrorists who carried out yesterday’s attack on the Corinthia Tripoli, while warning of more raids.

It said yesterday's raid was carried out by Abu Ibraheem Al-Tunsi and Abu Sulaiman, a Tunisian and a Sudanese respectively.

The man said to be Abu Ibraheem Al-TunsiThe man said to be Abu Ibraheem Al-Tunsi
Abu SulaimanAbu Sulaiman

Nine people are believed to have died in the attack, along with the terrorists themselves.

Three of the victims were security officers and five were hotel guests, including American security contractor David Berry, a former Marine. The FBI has opened an investigation.

Pictures issued early today showed scores of bullet holes on the walls of a corridor and a room where the terrorists were holed up yesterday before being killed.

Reports that they had blown themselves up were not confirmed,

The dead also included a Frenchman, two people from Tajikistan, and Filipinos.

American victim David BerryAmerican victim David Berry

No Maltese were among the casualties. A decision about whether they should return to Malta is kept under constant review, a hotel spokesman said.

Meanwhile the hotel management is back in the hotel, where investigations by the authorities are continuing.

An intensive search of the hotel for any further victims, people in hiding, or possibly ordnance, is under way.


Meanwhile, International Hotel Investments, owners of the Corinthia Tripoli, in a statement to the stock exchange today said there was nothing to suggest that yesterday's attack was in any way targeted specifically at the company.

It thanked all those who had assisted it and said is taking every measure to safeguard its investment and continue the hotel's operations.


Foreign Affairs shadow minister Roberta Metsola referred to the attack in a speech in the European Parliament this afternoon.

She said: "We witnessed another terrorist attack with more lives lost and more innocent victims. We are facing a situation that is growing and one that we must face.

"Coming from Malta, I know only too well the grave effect of what is happening so close to my home."

Dr Metsola added that the EU must put Libya at the forefront of its agenda before the situation deteriorated further.

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