A referendum on the return of Darfur states to one region

A referendum on the return of Darfur states to one region

01-07-2015, 06:14 PM

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Title: A referendum on the return of Darfur states to one region
Author: SudaneseOnline News
Date: 01-07-2015, 06:14 PM

Jan 07, 2015-Khartoum-SudaneseOnline-Chairman of Darfur Regional Authority (DRA), El Tijani El Sisis, disclosed on a referendum on the return of Darfur states to one region, adding that the consultations are under way to establish the referendum commission, refuting at the same time accusations that his DRA had wasted the donors’ money without reaching those of the people Darfur
El Sisis stressed that Darfur Reconstruction Fund has not received any cash funds from donor except cash funds from the Federal Ministry of Finance, acknowledging that Sudan Government paid (1750) million Sudanese pound via the letters of guarantee from Omdurman National Bank and Faisal Islamic Bank, revealing that Qatar granted ( 35) million dollar within the framework of fulfillment of its obligations of the Donor Conference.
He added German Government began to implement some of the projects, and they will listen to the British in the donor Committee meeting next week in the city of Nyala,
At a press conference on Tuesday, El Sisis stated that all development projects in Darfur have been implemented through the United Nations.
A donors’ conference for Darfur was held in Egypt in March 2010 more than a year before the signing of the DDPD. But it failed to collect more than $850 million.
The United States, European countries, Australia and Japan, at the time, promised generous aid and pledged continued support for the people of Darfur but did not make any formal commitment at the Cairo conference.

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