Sudanese Communist Party Appeal for Solidarity

Sudanese Communist Party Appeal for Solidarity

12-08-2014, 02:53 PM


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Title: Sudanese Communist Party Appeal for Solidarity
Author: الحزب الشيوعي السوداني
Date: 12-08-2014, 02:53 PM

· Freedom for all political detainees
· Freedom to Abu Issa, Mekki and Ali Suliman
7 December 2014
The Sudanese authorities arrested Mr. Farouk Abu Issa, the Speaker of the National Consensus Forces, and Mr. Amin Mekki Medany, the Chairperson of the Sudanese Civil Society Organizations, on 6th December 2014.
These recent detentions constitute a very dangerous step. Mr Farouk Abu Issa is in his early eighties, and Mr Amin Mekki is in his mid seventies. Both suffer from several illnesses, including high blood pressure and a heart condition. They need permanent medical attention which is denied by the authorities.
Their arrest came at a time when confrontation with the regime is reaching higher levels. The signing of the "Sudan Appeal" is a very important step forward towards the unity of the different opposition forces. It has set the ground for further united action against the regime.
This step comes at a time when the opposition forces in the country are on the offensive. The regime is resorting to oppressive measures in a desperate attempt to stop the historical march of our people towards victory. For the first time since the coup of 1989, all the opposition forces are united in acting together to achieve a democratic alternative that meets the basic needs and aspirations of our peoples.
It is at this juncture the Sudanese Communist Party appeals to all fraternal parties, to all democratic forces, and to the world public opinion to redouble their efforts in solidarity with the struggle of our people.
We also address all lawyers organizations, especially the Arab Lawyers Union which Mr. Farouk Abu Issa was its Secretary General for a decades, and the Arab Human Rights Organization in which both Amin and Farouk were active members.

Freedom for all political detainees,
Freedom to Abu Issa, Mekki and Ali Suliman
Long Live International Solidarity

Bureau of International Relations
Sudanese Communist Party