An important Statement No.14 by Commander Ismail Khamis Jalab The former governor of South Kordofan

An important Statement No.14 by Commander Ismail Khamis Jalab The former governor of South Kordofan

10-31-2014, 03:37 PM


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Title: An important Statement No.14 by Commander Ismail Khamis Jalab The former governor of South Kordofan
Author: SudaneseOnline Press Release
Date: 10-31-2014, 03:37 PM

To the masses of the Sudanese people in general and the masses of Sudan people liberation movement in particular, to the freedom fighters in Nuba Mountains to the heroes of the Sudan People's liberation Army in the front lines of battlefields to the widows, orphans, elders and Alcomolo we greet you all a revolutionary greetings and we would like to remind you that our martyrs who gave their lives as a price for our fare struggle are looking at us and that their pure spirits are monitoring closely what are we doing after their departure so it is a real responsibility on us and we have to hold it with full care not to surrender, take it to its end, we know it a big mission and heavy duty on us for that we should point out all threats and risks both internal and external, dear comrades all what we have from data are confirming that the future is dark and bleak which requires us to come in unity and stand as one man for confronting the injustice , tyranny and conspiracy, unity for fighting the opportunists, traitors, and the lurking enemies!!!!!
Dear honorable Comrades we want in this statement to assure you that the perceived risk and planning arbitrator which was arranged by the generals of genocide of National Congress party security leaders during the leaks of their meeting which was held on 31/8/2014, the out put of that meeting confirms the sordid conspiracy and the way that national congress party govern Sudan and the helpless people of Sudan.
Dear comrades what came out from this meeting with it's extreme views confirms the determination of the war generals to commit more war crimes and genocide in the Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile and Darfur, they want to repeat what happened before when they used mercenaries from outside Sudan, this time they added the people of those areas after material inducements which drip the saliva of the opportunists, insensible and hared people . But we assure them that the SPLA and the people of the Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile and Darfur will be on the lookout for them and these areas will be graves to their militias , Janjaweed and quick reinforcement which they are proud of, as it happened before in the battles of eldar , Abokrashwla, Elboram, Wali, Kojria and finally in the battle of Trogi from where Himetti the commander of hared quick reinforcement escaped leaving behind more than 3,000 dead bodies and countless spoils , Hence we appeal to our people to wake up from coma and withdraw from those forces so as not to fight their brothers, what we are doing here in this struggle is to reclaim our rights and their rights also, and the rights of all overriding and marginalized people in Sudan
Dear comrades the issue of peace and national dialogue are words used to avoid the real talks and to mislead our people in the Nuba Mountains , Blue Nile and Darfur in the peace process, after these egregious leaks which is serious in content, talking about dialogue is just a game of distraction and dirty plan to gain the time for implementing their strategies of the elections in a timely manner and the nomination of the war criminal, the wanted by the international Criminal Court, Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir is nothing but a continuous series to complete the programs for the government of genocide in Khartoum, and that means more fighting, more displacement and more suffering for our people. The intended dialogue here Comrades is for the reunification of the national Islamic Front in Sudan (non-Muslims in practice) to dismantle the Sudan people's liberation Movement, alliance of Sudan Revolutionary Front and to abort the vision of New Sudan, which haunts their beds
Dear comrades the leaks of war generals confirms that the adoption of SPLM/A for new Sudan vision is the biggest threat to their regime , because it unites the marginalized people and the revolutionary movements in Sudan , we are here to assure them that the vision of the New Sudan is the vision of the marginalized people in all Sudan and we assure also that it's aim is to eliminate the policies and the regime of old Sudan, we confirm that the supporters of old Sudan can not stop the advancement and progression of the New Sudan vision, which began in southern Sudan before the separation and went on to the Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile, Darfur, Khartoum until Halfa in the far north of Sudan.
Dear comrades the warlords have decided in their meeting to divide Southern Kordofan / Nuba Mountains into two states as they did before when they cut Western Kordofan from Nuba Mounains to consecrate more distractions among the people of the region, further dissension and to stimulate our people in the eastern part of the state to fight beside their militias against the Sudan People's Liberation Army , actually this is the policy of divide and rule since colonization, so we adjure our people to understand that, reject it and uphold the unity of the state and the destiny .
Comrades the war criminals in their meeting decided also the continuation of the war and air bombardments to burn the bumper agricultural production, in our controlled areas this year, in order to starve the citizens there and intensify aerial bombardment using Shahab missiles and other prohibited weapons as they did before, hence we appeal to the international community, especially the UN Security Council, the African Union, the EU, the League of Arab States, the countries of the Troika, human rights organizations of the United Nations and all the international organizations to intervene so as to stop the genocide and ethnic cleansing in the Nuba Mountains and other war zones in Sudan and to assist in the provision of relief and humanitarian aid as soon as possible.
Dear comerads the war criminal in Sudan are still accusing the government of South Sudan of supporting the revolutionary movements fighting against them ( the rebels as they used to call ). From this standpoint we assure you repeatedly that the people of Nuba Mountains are refugees in Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and the State of the South Sudan is one of the countries which are thankfully hosting refugees from Nuba Mountains, Nile blue and Darfur and the camp of Eida in unity state of South Sudan is the best evidence for that, in addition to this refugees who were dispersed in South Sudan are countless so far which mean they are just seeking to find justifications for their weakness in battlefield and to cover their successive defeats in the Nuba Mountains and other war zones in Sudan, we want to emphasize also that our forces are obtaining military equipment and logistics from their defeated army and militias.
Comrades we assure you also that the imbalance in the Sudan People's Liberation Movement is caused by the evil trinity transitional leaders (Mali Aggar, Abdell- Aziz Alhilo and yassir Arman ) Without these, we could have been in Khartoum long time ago, not even to fail in capturing Kadugli, Dilling, Talodi and Abukushola. in addition to these failures they abolished SPLM Constitution, dissolved Democratic elected Institutions and dismissed the vast amount of leadership ( constitutional, military and political ) they went on beyond that to imprison prominent leaders, without evidence just to deprive them from their role in the struggle, which had been led by them from the beginning, these three people came to create dissension, false accusations, doubt on every loyal and honest member of SPLM/A they went on threatening our best member by assassinations , we are sure dear comrades the day will come for accountability among all of us.
Dear co, the comrades inutes of the war generals meetings stated the plan for destroying the mountains bank for development and that confirms the ongoing procedures starting from the dismission of the first director of the bank, Mr. Hussein Qatar and his deputy, Mr Awad Albirr, the way they were treated, insult confirms also the planned program for dismantling and collapse of this edifice Economic project, they were imprisoned without justification (the case was removed from the attorney generral ) and the method of appointment of the current director Mr. Amer Al- amin, who works very hard to dismantle the bank, leading to collapse all this confirms that he is an agent working man, he humiliates and insults, leaders and bank customers behaving as if the bank was his own farm, It is clear that he derives all his powers from Abdulaziz Adam alhilo so we assure you Comrades that Alhilo alone will take the responsibility for this bank because he excluded the main shareholder from the board of directors and he is the one who appointed the current powerless board of directors rejecting the elected one and finally he is the one who managing the bank practically in a military manner and he is the one whom we are going to account at the end.

Commander / Ismail Khamis Jalab
The former governor of South Kordofan /Nuba Mountains
on behave of the silent majority