Another brutal war crime committed by khartoum regime in Hieban town

Another brutal war crime committed by khartoum regime in Hieban town

10-17-2014, 05:20 PM


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Title: Another brutal war crime committed by khartoum regime in Hieban town
Author: الحركه الشعبيه لتحرير السودان شمال
Date: 10-17-2014, 05:20 PM

Date; 17/10/14

Another brutal war crime and ethnic cleansing committed by the National Congress Party NCP regime against the people of Nuba Mountains, when its air force Antonov plane bombed Heiban town in South Kordofan / Nuba Mountains state with four bombs on Thursday 16/10/014 at 10:30, led to the killing of six (6) civilians majority of them are children 5 from one family 1 / Isa Jaafar Bagady- 27 years old 0.2-child / Saria Jaafar -12 years, 3- child / Azizah Jaafar -16 years, 4- child / Nur Jaafar -8 years old, 5- child / Zahra Jaafar -14 years old, 6 -Child / James kuku -6 years old, and wounded two children seriously injured, 1- child / Nawadir Jaafar -11 years, 2- child / Nawal Jaafar- 5 years ,the bombs killed 2 cows, and also caused horror and panic among the residents and those came from the neighboring villages for shopping in the weekly market , the timing of the attack in this market day was meant to cause biggest losses in the ranks of civilians during their communities, a policy followed by the regime since it launched war against the people of blue Nile and South Kordofan states in 2011.

Heiban city is far from the front lines, and there is no any military operations currently taking place near the city, the main purpose of the attack is targeting the civilians to kill , displacing them and destroy their property’s, the world has been followed through Internet websites the leaks Minutes of the NCP regime security meetings , which clearly illustrates the criminal plans and strategies meant to prevent food and water from the Nuba Mountains and blue Nile people by resisting any serious attempts by the international community to help affected population, through humanitarian organizations, as we have been followed it during the last three years ,by using a tactic of killing time and rally around the issues and make up flimsy excuses as it is happening now, in order to commit more crimes against innocent civilians or destroy and burn crops they worked hardly and sweated , despite the harsh conditions to harvest little, which they need to survive .we hope the international community will not be silent for too long about these repeated crimes of war criminals inductee before the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Arnu Ngutulu Lodi

SPLM/A-N official spokesman

(+254) 0700183502