Troops deployed in East Darfur as buffer against tribal clashes

Troops deployed in East Darfur as buffer against tribal clashes

10-10-2014, 04:05 PM


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Title: Troops deployed in East Darfur as buffer against tribal clashes
Author: Radio Dabanga
Date: 10-10-2014, 04:05 PM



9 Oct

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The East Darfur state authorities have deployed police forces in the area of Labado in Yassin locality to prevent clashes between Ma’aliya and Rizeigat tribesmen. In two separate incidents today, in East Darfur three people were killed, and eight others were wounded.

“After the death of two Rizeigat near the Labado camp for the displaced on Tuesday morning, police forces were deployed to search for the killers, and prevent revenge attacks,” the commissioner of Yassin locality, Abdelrahman Eisa, told Radio Dabanga.

“Large numbers of armed fighters from both tribes had gathered in the area, and the situation became very tense after the clash between Rizeigat and a rescue team existing of Ma’aliya on Tuesday.”

Member of Parliament for Abu Karinka constituency has called for the deployment of more buffer troops between the two warring tribes. He noted that recently many groups of gunmen appeared in East Darfur. “They steal, plunder, and kill as they like”.

The more than 13,000 displaced of the Labado camp who fled to the nearby Unamid base for protection after the clash on Tuesday, are surviving in front of the base’s gate “under the burning sun without water and food”.

A camp sheikh told Radio Dabanga that they will return to the camp, when security has been restored, and they are protected against the many assaults by militiamen in the area.

Deadly clashes

Adam Ali Musabal was stabbed to death and another man was seriously wounded today (Thursday), in a fight between Musabal and elements of the Sudanese army in the area of Jad El Sayed, Abu Karinka locality.

In the area of Kalajo, Assalaya locality,a local rescue team clashed with a group of gunmen that stole a herd of camels. Two people were killed and seven others injured.

File photo by Didier Ruef