Militiamen rape, abduct North Darfur displaced

Militiamen rape, abduct North Darfur displaced

09-20-2014, 07:17 PM


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Title: Militiamen rape, abduct North Darfur displaced
Author: Radio Dabanga
Date: 09-20-2014, 07:17 PM



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Pro-government militia members have raped two displaced women, and abducted three displaced men in Kabkabiya locality, North Darfur, on Wednesday and Thursday, several sources told Radio Dabanga. In Saraf Umra locality, a nurse and his family was abducted by militiamen, and forced to pay blood money for the death of one of their militia members.

Militiamen rape two in Kabkabiya

Militiamen raped two displaced women in Wadi Ora, north of Kabkabiya, North Darfur, on Wednesday.

A family member of one of the victims told Radio Dabanga that the perpetrators were four pro-government militiamen, who rode on camels and horses and wore military uniforms.

He explained that the women, one of whom is married, and the other is a 17-year-old, were returning to the Kabkabiya camp at 4pm when the militiamen intercepted them. They did not release the women until three hours later. The family member stressed that they had reported the incident in Kabkabiya to the UN Mission in Darfur (Unamid).

Three Kabkabiya displaced abducted

Also in Kabkabiya on Thursday, pro-government militiamen abducted three displaced men in Kijunga area, which is north of Kabkabiya. The militiamen stopped the men who were returning to Kabkabiya after collecting straw, an activist in Kabkabiya camp told Radio Dabanga. “The militia members told the displaced that the land belongs to them, and that it is not allowed to collect straw there, after which they kidnapped the three men.” They also took their donkey carts with them.

One of the displaced men managed to flee from the militiamen in the middle of the night and arrived in the camp to tell the residents about the incident. The militiamen are still holding Abdallah Som and Abakar Osman, the activist said.

Nurse forced to pay blood money

In Saraf Umra locality, militiamen have forced a nurse and his family in Birkat Seira area to pay blood money for the death of a militia member, claiming that he died after the nurse gave him an injection. As a result of the allegation, family members of the deceased have attacked the nurse's family, and kidnapped some of his family members.

A witness explained to Radio Dabanga that the militia member, Adar Ga, had come to Musa Gojak, a male nurse, when he was ill. Musa had given him the injection. 15 days later, Adar Ga died, for which the militiamen blamed Musa. Adar Ga's family later attacked Musa and his family, who denied having caused the death. Militiamen then captured Musa in Birkat Seira.

The source reported that the militia members have kidnapped Musa's son, Anwar, and the father of Musa's wife, Yousif Adam Ali. They also fetched the body of the deceased Adar Ga, and have taken it together with the two family members to Saraf Umra town. There, they forced Adam Ali to sign a statement saying that the death of the militiaman was caused by the injection of Musa, and that he has to pay blood money for his death.

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