Open Letter To Dinka Community in Australia

Open Letter To Dinka Community in Australia

09-05-2014, 02:46 AM


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Title: Open Letter To Dinka Community in Australia
Author: Gordon Buay
Date: 09-05-2014, 02:46 AM

Date: 5/09/2014
Subject: Ajak Deng should not work for SBS Radio

Dear brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers,

I am appealing to my Dinka brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers in Australia to take action against Ajak Deng of SBS Radio who is using Dinka program to give a platform to terrorists who are killing our people daily. I am appealing to you in the name of South Sudan, the heroes and heroines who died in the liberation struggle and the future of coming generation. It took us more than fifty years fighting for an independent state of our own until we achieved the objective in 2011.

As every listener of SBS Dinka Radio is aware of, Mr. Ajak Deng, who is a sympathizer of Mabior Garang and his mother, has been giving the rebels of Riek Machar a room in the radio to spread terrorism since December, 15, 2013. I don’t have any personal problem with the aforementioned Radio presenter; however, I am profoundly troubled by his sympathy for Riek Machar and Mabior Garang’s rebellion that wreaked havoc in our nascent nation.

I want my compatriots to know that freedom of speech and expression does not extend to giving a platform to terrorists to spread their venom against innocent women and children. No western media can interview Al-Qaeda terrorists in the name of freedom of speech. The right of freedom of speech, which is enshrined in our constitution, is not an absolute right that can give a Radio presenter a reason to facilitate terrorists to spread their venom against humanity. What Ajak Deng of SBS Radio is doing is the violation of criminal laws of both Australia and South Sudan because he is aiding and abetting terrorism. The rebel Movement of Riek Machar is considered as a terrorist organization in South Sudan. Terrorism is defined as the use of illegal force to achieve a political objective.

When we lost more than 1.5 million of our people in the course of the liberation struggle, we justified their demise in the name of liberating ourselves from Arab subjugation and domination. When we achieved our independence in 2011, we thanked the heroes and heroines who laid down their lives for us to achieve independence. For that reason, we built a statue for Dr. John Garang whom we regard as “the father of the Republic of South Sudan”.

Nobody could imagine that the son and the wife of “the father of the Republic of South Sudan” could join Riek Machar to form a rebel Movement to destroy the newly independent state founded by John Garang. There is no precedence in the world history where a son of a founding member formed a rebel Movement to destroy a young country founded by his father. What Mabior Garang did defies commonsense and logic because the Republic of South Sudan is actually the Republic of John Garang de Mabior. To demonstrate that South Sudan is a Republic of John Garang, every bank note has his picture.

Although history is full of instances where a son can stage a coup against his father, the rebellion of Mabior Garang and Riek Machar is not something that should blind Ajak Deng and others to support SPLM-Alqaeda because of blood relationship or sectionalism. There is nothing in common politically between Mabior Garang and Dr. John Garang de Mabior except the DNA. The late John Garang cannot join a rebel Movement of Riek Machar and go to Khartoum to get weapons to kill his own people.

The Dinka Bor women and children who were lynched in churches in Bor town in January this year were shot dead with weapons and ammunition brought from Khartoum by Mabior Garang and Riek Machar. If one has a spiritual means to talk to John Garang in the grave today, I believe one would find him in a terrible sadness and grief for what his son is doing to his people. But what may comfort Dr. John Garang is the fact that most of Greater Bor community rejected Mabior and his mother as outcasts and social deviants who lost touch with reality.

There is no South Sudanese who would want to experience a war after the independence of the Republic of South Sudan. For me, I was born in war and grew up in war. My children were also born in war before the independence of South Sudan. However, I don’t want them to grow up in war like me. For that reason, I took it to myself to defend the Republic of South Sudan from Riek Machar and his terrorists with all my energy.

My first memory in this world is war because I came from a family that participated in Anyanya I, Anyanya II and SPLM/A. I witnessed the murder of Mualana Manyuon and Akim Aluong in Nasir in 1992 by Riek Machar after he staged a coup against the liberation struggle of the people of South Sudan. The best officers of the SPLM/A were killed as a result of factional wars in 1990s between Riek Machar and the people’s Movement.

Had it not been for the coup of Riek Machar in 1991, William Nyuon, Kerubino Kuanyin Bol, Arok Thon Arok, etc., would be alive today. Captain Tut, who was the lead singer of Tiger Battalion and the one who created the song in Nuer language “Nasir shall be liberated”, was killed by Riek Machar in 1992 in Nasir defending Muolana Manyuon and Akim Aluong. He refused to leave the house of Manyuon and Akim Aluong and decided to die defending his Dinka comrades.

History will not forgive us if we allow Riek Machar and Mabior Garang to destroy the independent country that we fought for 55 years. In this war, there is no middle ground to hide. The line is clearly drawn, that is, either you are with the people of South Sudan or with the terrorists of Riek Machar and Mabior Garang.

For Ajak Deng who chose to be with Riek Machar and Mabior Garang, the Dinka community in Australia must ensure that this man does not use SBS Dinka Radio to aid and abet terrorism to destroy the country that John Garang de Mabior laid down his life for. The Dinka community must take a swift action and protest before the office of SBS Radio demanding the resignation of Ajak Deng. The Dinka community in Australia must launch a serious demonstration against Ajak Deng to demand his resignation because the use of SBS Radio by Riek Machar and his terrorists is jeopardizing the lives of women and children of South Sudan.

In conclusion, I want my Dinka brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers in Australia to save our country from further bloodshed by demanding the removal of Ajak Deng from SBS Radio. The use of SBS Dinka program by Riek Machar and Mabior Garang is the legitimization of terrorism that they are practicing. I have no doubt that the Dinka community in Australia will immediately take an action because our people are dying every day as a result of Riek Machar’s terrorism.

Yours in the defense of the constitution,
Gen. Gordon Buay
Member of the SPLA Other Armed Groups Integration Committee
Email: mailto:[email protected]