Yousif: We will not be “comparsa” to reproduce national congress

Yousif: We will not be “comparsa” to reproduce national congress

06-02-2014, 08:19 AM


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Title: Yousif: We will not be “comparsa” to reproduce national congress
Author: SudaneseOnline News
Date: 06-02-2014, 08:19 AM

Khartoum-The national consensus forces have accused the National Congress of fueling seditions, wars and religious and racial strife in the country during the 25 years, saying that they will not participate in any dialogue that does not disintegrate the regime. The national consensus forces have demanded dissolving the government militias and disarming them.

Speaking to the Citizen newspaper, head of the information committee in the national consensus forces and member of the central committee of the Sudanese Communist Party Sideq Yousif said that the stop of arming and dissolving the government militias fall within the jurisdictions of the President Al-Bashir.

On the dialogue called for by President Al-Bashir, Yousif said that they will not be part of any dialogue that does not disintegrate the current regime and lead to democratization.

He added” we will not be comparsa that decorates the national congress meetings so that it remains in power and destroys our country”.

He defended the leaders of the revolutionary front saying that they are sticking to the comprehensive solution to the crises of the country and to stop of war but the government rejects cease fire and allow delivery of food materials for displaced persons.

He said that the revolutionary front, the displaced persons and other components of the Sudanese people are genuine components of the dialogue that needs creation of favorable climate through cancelling the freedom-restring laws and releasing the detainees. He described as unfair the trial of Mariam for apostasy, renewing total rejection to non-registration of Republican Party by the registrar of the political parties and associations.