Egyptian security bans Sudanese deputy from entering Halayeb

Egyptian security bans Sudanese deputy from entering Halayeb

05-11-2014, 03:26 PM


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Title: Egyptian security bans Sudanese deputy from entering Halayeb
Author: SudaneseOnline News
Date: 05-11-2014, 03:26 PM

Khartoum-The Egyptian security forces have banned the former deputy of Parliament for Halayeb constituency Dr. Issa Al-Hassan from entering Halayeb triangle. Dr. Al-Hassan was intending to enter Halayeb to attend the funeral of his mother which has died in the area.

The move was met with grave sorrow and resentment by the relatives of the late woman as provocative and frank humanitarian violations to the Islamic values. The deputy of the parliament told the Citizen that the Egyptianization of Halayeb is continuing expressing concern over the government stance toward the Egyptian escalations.

In a relevant context, a spokesperson in the Egyptian presidency that that Cairo does not intend to take escalation steps against Sudan after its move sending a military platoon to Halayeb area. The source said that the presence of that platoon falls within the allowed framework that agreed upon by two sides. He said that Sudan is strategic depth for Egypt.

In the same context, the former commander of the reconnaissance organ Major General Nasr Salim said that Sudan did not violate its agreements with Egypt that bans the Sudanese army from advancing north of the 22 line on the borders. He added that the presence of the platoon did not change the situations in the area.

The crisis between Sudan and Egypt over Halayeb has renewed after Khartoum declaration that a new force of 101st division marine has taken over their posts in Halayeb area in addition to statements by the Sudanese ambassador to Cairo Ahmed Al-Arabi that Halayeb is a Sudanese area.