Over 70,000 civilians displaced in Rashad County

Over 70,000 civilians displaced in Rashad County

04-21-2014, 04:08 PM

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Title: Over 70,000 civilians displaced in Rashad County
Author: الحركه الشعبيه لتحرير السودان شمال
Date: 04-21-2014, 04:08 PM


As the result of 2nd phase of the dry season offensive launched by the National Congress Party (NCP) Forces (SAF) and its militias and mercenaries which started from 16-20/4/014 led to displacement of over seventy thousand (70,000) civilians, from villages and areas of Tomi, Tangallu, Almansur, Kaluba, Kalloro, Tarawa, Tindimin, Tajilbo, Zalataya in Rashad County of South Kordofan/Nuba mountains state , their livelihood messed up, livestock, food and others properties were looted, boreholes and other water sources completely destroyed, they are without shelters, medicine etc. and it’s the beginning of the rainy season, humanitarian assistant urgently needed to rescue the live specially of children, women and elderly, Khartoum regime never stop shelling with heavy artilleries and air attacks into their IDPs hidings on the top of the mountains, also Abassia County villages bombed by SC.24 jet fighter on 20/4/014 when it dropped 10 bombs killed several livestock and caused terror and fear among the civilians.

Arnu Ngutulu Loddi

SPLM/A-N official spokesman