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Netanyahu/ Trump: an exploiter who builds to reap for a bankrupt who dwells deep By: Saeed M. Adn
Author: سعيد محمد عدنان
09:55 PM March, 10 2017

Sudanese Online
سعيد محمد عدنان-
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– London – U.K.
Always Benyamin Netanyahu, PM of Israel, recklessly rushes a reincarnate of a forget-me-not American President. He really thinks that what all America is entrusted to is there for Israel to grab, and every strategical decision an American President decrees, he is his double to enjoin. It is no secret America is elected captain to the World Order vessel by virtue of her power, wealth and her role in establishing and supporting it, endeavouring to sail it with all its shackles, against the Dark giants of the past World Order, including her own. Waves and foam created lash back on them, stripping them of power and their heavy handedness enjoyed during the Imperial invasions and colonisation, of slave trading and the looting, which is expected.
Well, and on top of that, falls upon the major nations, led by America, the burden of arbitration and indemnity to intervene to prevent stifling that order that serves the whole world, especially when ventured via rogues of the third world, or at exploitations and abuse of the crushed ethnicities, and to prevent opportunists to leap in to fill the vacated sites or in-gates to looting that are cleared, which entails force. Naturally the international community would give the American President more powers than other leaders, whence powers are enjoined on other superpowers, for their vital role on the rolling of the World Order wheel, for the sake of international credibility, and for the approval of their own campaigners; that does not mean leader friends or puppies are incarnated with that privileged authority.
Yet Netanyahu followed that line to indulge the World Order captains in a test after test, bringing embarrassments to America and playing havoc with the Jewish Lobby, which the Alt Right planted to dip deep explosive embarrassments and conflict charges to America.
Naturally he contracts help from some with the same mentality, from the radical Muslims who created, out of the tension between the Jews and the Arabs, a religious sedition to allow spew what they were breastfed of terrorism they attributed to God and to His Message. Under the wheels of this fortified monster, blood of the innocent from both sides and from all the world was spilt, and the two peoples failed to lead a life able to lift them one degree up, with which the World Order and Humanity at large would be lifted a degree up too.
And both peoples shivered in terror at the disaster and destruction, and blood spills that were taking place as religious trade brokers went flashing.
In my last essay, “Sudan and Trump”, I relayed a story published in the New York Times and confirmed by a Jewish journalist in his website, from reports he received of a conspiracy with a political timing from agents in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Islamic Jihad organization in Gaza (dealing with Hamas being halted by the Iranian regime). This conspiracy was engineered by Netanyahu to export heavy missiles from Gaza to Iran via Iraq, then re-export it in turn as an Iranian cargo via Port Sudan to Gaza to the Islamic Jihad via the tunnels network. The aim was to have it intercepted by the IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) when tipped on time to land during Netanyahu’s meeting with the AIPAC in America, synchronized with the meeting of the Consortium of World Powers (5+1 group) last October in Vienna, scheduled to evaluate and indefinitely extend Peaceful Negotiations with Iran, to annihilate it. It would be Netanyahu’s chance to bomb Iran; but American intelligence thwarted it.
Now, dashing once more after President Trump amidst his fresh winning spirit courteously assured him of supporting Israel by instating Jerusalem to be her capital by moving the American Embassy to it, a decision weighting on all nations to move their Embassies likewise, Netanyahu hoped he would get it sealed and delivered, in all that simplicity. He went on wooing President Trump that he believed himself to be an incarnate of one of the president’s household (born and forgotten). He missed out that Trump is not an experienced politician or a statesman, in other words, a political bankrupt, and presently, the decision making and political strategy baking (and not his political suicide staking) is in the hands of his team, who later talked him out of it.
Trump tipped Netanyahu to contact him on the 20th of this month soon after his inauguration, and he would enact the movement of the embassy the day after. On the said day, Netanyahu gleefully contacted Trump by phone. The News Media here in Britain were fervently masticating the serious movement of the American Embassy to Jerusalem the day after. It also aired a recording of the Palestinians and the Arabs’ serious protests and anger, and how Israel hurried up a retroactive legislation on 3000 settler homes built in the occupied West Bank, and how this way Israel’s snatching of Palestinian owned lands is legalized, as though the solution of the two states is dead; and the media was watching in puzzlement that development
Despite that presidential decree had not been officially endorsed, a sign of controversy, such a verbal decree by the President would engulf the nation in a commitment that does not just go away; the President’s lack of experience alone stands to condemn it. They pondered why would the Israelis blow such an issue to that size when they know well that Trump lacks that needed experience, and the State behind him would not pass such a simplistic decision. It did result in the meeting getting postponed by Trump who then cautioned him ‘the process is in its early stages!’
So, Netanyahu befitted the saying “an exploiter who builds to reap, a bankrupt who dwells deep”, depicting the agony of the exploiter of a bankrupt, a most bankrupt politician, residing in his property, where residency is depicted with the painful permanency. Trump’s most evident policy of isolationism and entrenchment, does not show a glimpse of political or strategical sign to changing or modifying it to accommodate Netanyahu’s whims and yearns of Netanyahu, unless the latter wags his tail to the expected New World Order Leader, that is, Russia.
So, the matter of Jerusalem fate, the trump card, who gets hold of can place the tomb stone on the grave of the Israeli Arab resolution to a Two State, Side-by-Side in peace solution. This problem that has seen series of grave events started by humans, would have fate end it.
Since the 1950s, according to Nimrod Goren, journalist in the Jewish paper Haaretz, Israel kept investing in encouraging nations to move their embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and was successful between 1960 – 1967 in moving 40% of the embassies, most of which were Africans and South Americans, whom it was aiding them in repayment.
In 1980 a serious development occurred when Israel decided to snatch East Jerusalem from the West Bank, a matter that infuriated the Security Council, which condemned Israel, with America abstaining – and issued a resolution that all nation moved their embassies back.
This issue of moving embassies to Jerusalem remained a burning torch in every election, pushed by the AIPAC lobby, then dissipated after the elections, this way until 1995 when a decision to move was released. That, in turn, was stepped back for six months every June and December by an executive order from all succeeding presidents, Republicans or Democrats (last one ordered being on December last by Barack Obama).
That is how American Presidents completely distanced themselves from that hostile process, which would not only end the hope of a two-state solution living side by side in peace and towards a promising future, but would open the door for blood spills between the Palestinians and the Jews that would drive back the Jewish state after it had achieved a notable progress in the Arab Nations acceptance with the star of Peace glittering in its sky, and so would the final settlement and end of persecutions that dogged the Jews all their past and kept them trapped in its repression.

This is the English version of this Arabic one published here on 24.01.2017

أبرز عناوين سودانيز اون لاين صباح اليوم الموافق 10 مارس 2017

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