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Discussion Board in English Tango behind the Rock of Zionism

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Tango behind the Rock of Zionism

09-22-2013, 07:39 PM
إبراهيم عبد العزيز عثمان
<aإبراهيم عبد العزيز عثمان
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Tango behind the Rock of Zionism

    Tango behind the Rock of Zionism

    The countries of the Middle East and North Africa had recently embarked on destabilized civil strives that shook the base foundations of these countries. The initial start of these movements had followed a certain pattern which eventually had been fractured into many conflicting splinter groups which are associated with individual personal names or sub- nouns from the mother organization’s name. Synchronized with the launch of these regional movements comes a feverish communications movement to condemn those countries with a ferocious campaign on international media. The well-orchestrated scenario includes the polishing of some new figures that are alien to the international political circles. However, the end result dictates that very few of these characters will find their way to express the true grievances of their embattled regions, while many fall astray into materialistic personal gains. Let us explore the reasons behind the quick rise of these movements and the eventual disarray of its organizational intact.

    It is no secret that the international Zionist organization, in its continual pursuit to protect the state of Israel and to weaken neighboring countries, had put a lot of financial resources within its powerful intelligence network to bankroll mutinies within the Arabic and the Islamic world. Most of the movements in Sudan had turned to these strong Zionist lobbies for their political and financial support. The response was quick and positive but its long term duration was not as favorable as it should be.

    For the leaders of these movements, the lure of life in the west, dwelling in nice five star hotels and in flats within the influential neighborhoods of the famous big western cities was lucrative but it came with its own political price. The cause was easily propagated through major networks like CNN. BBC, Fox News,VOA, ...etc At the beginning, it will gain ready-made financial aid and care due to lobbying from some strong states men. Moreover, some Jewish actors usually jump into the wagon of the political scenes in order to add a more humanitarian dimension to the problem. All of these theatric scenes, whether genuine or fake, proved to be short lived.

    The arena of the Zionist Intelligence is a carefully designed web that finally will serve the hidden causes of the bankroller not those of the bankrolled. They are ready to pay and supply arms at the beginning so the cause will gain some momentum to turn it quickly into a politically profitable enterprise. The political upbeat usually reaches its high levels during this period of the movement’s life span but soon the short-lived euphoria gained by the new customer will dissipate and a new dilemma dictates itself on these powerless movements. Once the short term financial resources begin to dry out, the leaders of these movements are in a squeezed situation. Hence, the hunt for a new financial donor begins after the team was used to a lavish life style which they are not ready to give it up easily. At these years of the life cycle of these political movements, the collapse of their organizational structure commences. Ultimately, some of the second command of leaders will split seeking either a hasty political settlement with the opponent or end up forming a new splinter group with its own financial network. Even within the splinter groups, the same saga of the internal struggle continues to haunt the new leadership. Ultimately, the domino effect plays a similar role through the hierarchical set up of all these movements because the initial burden was diverted to an outside source.

    During history, there are successful socialist movements which have left its legacy within the power struggle against dictators who were imposed and supported by the west. The Cuban revolution was started by few warriors who depend on themselves and on the popular support of the poor masses of peasants and workers. Another example was the Vietnam revolution and the Chinese revolution which initiated by Moa Tse Tung which led to the creation of the coming super power of the world. Today’s leaders of the political movements do not rely on the records of those successful socialist uprisings. They hastily go abroad and seek financial support before creating the internal web of the political movement. The leaders’ gains usually take the driving seat. Their willing sponsor is the powerful Zionist lobby in the United States. But the latter has its own hidden agenda of using successfully every popular movement to serve their own causes first and abandons it after few years. I remember I saw a TV documentary in the CNN about the humanitarian reception of the Darfur refugees and accommodating them within the Israeli Kibbutz. I never forget how Jewish mothers accompany Sudanese children to schools. However after four years, the Darfur refugees were kicked out of Israel after facing many demonstrations and racial insults by Jewish zealots protesting their mere presence within a Jewish society.

    My final advice to those who preside over the leadership of these regional movements is to solidify the internal fabric of the movement at the beginning. The local arena is the best field to acquire financial resources and to gather the popular support. This popular support is the master key to the success of these movements. Any counter attack or a destructive operation against the developed establishments in these regions is detrimental to the future trust of the populations.

    The international donors have their own priority agendas which after being imposed, they will eventually drop their full support in later years. The political gains achieved from these outsiders are short-lived. The personal financial gains should not be compromised with the popular demands of the poor masses of these regions. It is really very sad to see a collision of liberals and socialists bundled under the robes of fashcism. The hate to the other opponent cannot and will not justify a valueless stand with those who prosper by reaping the freedom of others. The recent stand of the liberals and the socialists in Egypt with the military coup of General Al sisi is a clear example of the hollow slogans raised by such groups. The overwhelming victory of Mrs Merkel in Germany over these groups signals the failture of these movements to transform the aspirations of their caucuses into meaningful stands. The same downfall of these movements had been witnessed in our Middle East and North African countries.

    Ibrahim A.Osman

    (Edited by إبراهيم عبد العزيز عثمان on 09-23-2013, 03:19 AM)
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Tango behind the Rock of Zionism
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