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Sudanese Online WikipediaNational Democratic Alliance Leadership Council Meeting Asmara, Final Communique

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National Democratic Alliance Leadership Council Meeting Asmara, Final Communique

02-12-2016, 01:49 AM
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National Democratic Alliance Leadership Council Meeting Asmara, Final Communique

    01:49 AM Feb, 12 2016

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    Asmara, November 29 – December 6, 2001

    In the course of its persistent search for a comprehensive and just peace, the NDA leadership Council (LC) concluded its meetings in Asmara and emerged determined to continue struggle and remain as a guiding beacon for Sudanese political life in Sudan presently and in the future.
    · The tone of the meeting was set in the opening remarks by NDA Chairman Moulana Mohamed Osman El Mirghani. In those remarks, the Chairman examined the state of the Sudanese nation as well as the impact of regional and international developments on Sudan. He also discussed in depth the course and direction of the comprehensive political settlement.
    · The LC deliberated extensively on the political report on NDA perspectives, objectives and options and rededicated itself to achieving its aims through multiple means of struggle. It also condemned the September 11th criminal attacks on innocent civilians in the United States and reiterated support for the international efforts against terrorist networks and their financial and logistical bases with a view to eradicating both domestic and international terrorism. In the respect, the LC drew attention to the support given by the Khartoum regime to international terrorism as well as to the need to distinguish between terrorism per se and legitimate popular struggle to restore peace, democracy and justice.
    · The LC examined developments on the home front and the deteriorating political and economic conditions detailed in the report of the NDA Secretariat in Khartoum. That report underlined the regime's impatience even with the limited margin of freedom wrested from it by our people through sustained popular struggle. The regime's lack of tolerance was evident in the ten month's detention of the NDA Secretariat, falsification of student, farmer and trades union's elections, press censorship and unlawful arrests and imprisonment of political activists. In this connection, the LC called for the freeing all political prisoners and the creation of an atmosphere counducive to national dialogue. It also directed the NDA Secretariat in Khartoum to countinue negotiations with the Umma Party to bring it back to the fold according to the decisions of the NDA Second Congress at Mussawa, as well as coordinating activities with that party and with other political forces opposing the regime, to reach a common vision on Sudan's political crisis.
    · The LC reviewed the report of the Comprehensive Political Settlement Committee which detailed efforts made thus far to reach a negotiated settlement to the Sudanese crisis, particularly the one initiated jointly by Egypt and Libya. In response to questions relating to procedural matters raised in the Joint Egyptian-Libyan Initiative (J.E.L.I) memorandum presented to the NDA, the LC reaffirmed it observations on the principles and Basis for Comprehensive Political Settlement and formed a specialized committee headed by Gen. abdelrahman Saeed to consult with the J.E.L.I mediators on the matter. It also confirmed its readiness to participate in the preparatory meeting called by the mediators in accordance with the directives it has given.
    The LC reviewed the Eritrean Peace Endeavor (EPE), and welcomed the Eritrean government's undertaking to continue its search for peace and stability in Sudan.
    Likewise, the LC endorsed the proposal of Nigerian President Olesugun Obasanjo to organize a workshop in Abuja bringing all parties to the conflict in order to deliberate on the Sudan crisis.
    Also, the LC reviewed the results of meetings held with the advance team of Senator Danforth, Presidential Envoy for peace in Sudan, as well as those that emerged from Danforth's meeting with the NDA Chairman and LC members in Cairo. The LC expressed its appreciation of the role played by the U.S in generating international interest in the Sudanese crisis and consolidating efforts aimed at resolving the conflict. It also commended Danforth's efforts to bring an end to the bombardment of civilian targets and to abduction of women and children, alongside his endeavour to ensure the unimpeded flow of relief to South Sudan and the Nuba Mountains. In this regard, the LC hopes that this process of relief delivery be extended to cover the Nuba population in both western and Southern Kordofan. In the meantime, the LC condemns the regime's breach of the on-going humanitarian cease-fire through its ground and aerial attack on Krungu Abdalla (Nuba Moountains) on the 3rd of this month and draws the attention of Senator Danforth to that breach.
    The LC discussed and evaluated the activities of the NDA Executive Bureau on the basis of a report submitted by the NDA Secretary General, and approved the interim plan he submitted for the coming three months. Similarly, the LC endorsed the report presented by the NDA's Information Secretariat on the resumption by the NDA radio (Sawt al Sudan) of transmission from the liberated areas.
    · The Liberated Areas and Humanitarian Affairs Secretariat presented to the LC a detailed report on the health, food and education needs of afflicted people in Eastern Sudan. Based on that report a technical committee of indigenous NGOs was formed to coordinate humanitarian and relief operations. In the mean time, the LC draws the attention of the international community to aerial bombardments by the regime on civilian targets in Eastern Sudan and Southern Blue Nile and calls upon it and on the American Peace Envoy to bring pressure to bear on the Khartoum government to immediately cease those bombardments and extend humanitarian relief to those afflicted in the two regions.
    · Considering developments that have ensued as a result of multiple peace initiatives, the LC directed that a review be made in order to fine-tune the NDA's plans the Transitional Period. That should be done with a view to devising a democratic political dispensation based on the will of the Sudanese people.
    · The meeting expressed deep pride in the unyielding struggle of the Sudanese people against dictatorship, oppression and bigotry. In particular, it hailed the steadfastness and courage of NDA fighters on all war fronts. The LC also applauded the solidarity of all friendly states and civil society organizations with our people. Additionally, it expressed thanks to Egypt and Libya for prevailing upon the Khartoum regime to lift the ban on members of the NDA Secretariat in Khartoum in order for them to participate in the LC's current meeting. Lastly, the LC declared its deep gratitude for the support extended to our cause by the government and people of Eritrea.
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National Democratic Alliance Leadership Council Meeting Asmara, Final Communique
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