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Articles and ViewsAn ebola day at Om sagata by Abdulaziz Ali Omer

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An ebola day at Om sagata by Abdulaziz Ali Omer

11-21-2014, 01:58 PM
Abdul-Aziz Ali Omer
<aAbdul-Aziz Ali Omer
Registered: 01-13-2014
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An ebola day at Om sagata by Abdulaziz Ali Omer

    Two of my colleagues ,the representative of Student Activity Department and the administrator of school have asked me to enlighten you this morning about the epidemic of Ebola. I shall attempt to present some humble information in my capacity as an observor to some extent to pandemic media. Actually, I was arranging to raise the same issue with other audiences. But you my students have also the right to know. It is out duty as partners of educational process on behalf of friends in health sector to help you. Sound mind is in sound body. There are boys and girls at your age infected with Ebola. Let us pray for them to return to their neglected schools and note-books. The presidency of Sudan Republic decreed on the Football Federation not to host the African Cup of Nations. We say thank you from Omsagata. Well done. The safety and wellbeing of citizen is more important than any athletic commitment.
    Humanity is always looking forward to some thing wonderful, something that relieves the pain .Therefore, suffering is hidden beyond lovely words that don’t show the moaning and tears. Take for instance, the desert storm in Iraq and Restoring Hope operation in Somalia. Today , the pain has returned under the name of Ebola, the name of a river in the Republic of Democratic Congo. From the Congo beaches the epidemic spread to the countries of West Africa countries from Liberia to Nigeria and from Sierra leone to the Ivory Coast. The fighters of the Lord Army made their stronghold in jungle areas infested with chimpanzee around Ebola river while the South Sudan liberation movement resorted to asimilar area of Anzara. Accordingly, the plague was known as Anzara epidemic or Ebola. Ebola virus is thought to be transmitted from the wild beast to humanbeings in the regions that witnessed civil wars. “The health awarness of citizen should be promoted” that is the message of proffessor Mamon Homeida , the health minister and the chairman of the African commission for eradicating river blindness.We are happy today to share some some of useful facts in his article entitled ‘’Ebola:the impact of detrimental rumours” It was published in the morning of 9,November,2014 in Tagyeer Newspaper.
    Proffessor Mamom Homedia spoke of the preventive measures undertaken by two African states: Ivory Coast that denied the entry of 4,00 of its nationals coming home from Liberia. In addition to that, he calrfied that the WHO announced Nigeria as an Ebola-free country. He summarized the factors of Nigeria success in eliminating the disease in treatment, investigation and disapperance of bickerings because of the high sense of patriotism.
    Proffessor Mamon Homeida warned of hand-shakes saying that 50% pf the microbes is transferred by hands . He added that washing hands minimizes the spread of infection. Hec also warned of washing the body of deceased on the account that the Ebola virus remians alive fot two days after the recovery of patient and survives in the semen for two weeks after the death of its prey. Proffessor Mamon Homeida said that even laying the dead within a wooden casket wouldn’t prevent the escape of virus. He pointed out that the world health organization recommended a leak-proof casket. First , he cited the incident of Sudanese doctor who died from Ebola in Germany where the authorities cremated his body. Then he suggested the release of Fatawa, a religious order for muslims on how to handle the human remains of Ebola patients.
    In caring for Ebola patients, attending doctors wear an astraunot-like suit. Proffessor Mamon Homeida thinks sucha protective uniform preclude mutual human relationships to develop between the therapist and patients. The impact of Ebola as he highlighted in his article include: the suspension of flights,post-ebola econmoic down turn in the case of diesase control, the collaspse of health services as result of doctors reluctance . More over, the adverse psychatric effect of eminent physcians death such as doctor Shiekh Umar Khan and Samuel Brisbane from S ierra leone, MSF and missionaries doctors. In honouring their courageous efforts , noble sacrifice, in our school, we stand aminute’s silence.
    Proffessor Mamon Homeida attributed the concern of America with finding cure for Ebola to its fear of manipulating the virus in a biologoical warfare and its prevalence in allied countries. However, it is uplifting to know there is medication to restrict the epidemic and the wave of panic and horror.
    Proffessor Mamon Homeida disclosed the American ministry of Defense contracted with an Indian company and A center for the fight gainst epidemics in Atlanta to produce a drug for Ebola . According to him, the initial experiment proved to be a success and had no side effects.
    Let us pray for the recovery of tortured breaths until the cries of pain is turned into smiles of joy . Every era has the challenge of to be or not to be . Experience taught us that the man could manage manage a great deal of insurrmountable crises. There is an opportunity to change for the best as long as there are boats for peace and beauty on the river of hope . Without hope, the heart will break.

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An ebola day at Om sagata by Abdulaziz Ali Omer
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