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News and Press ReleasesDarfur Union in the UK: Blood of Darfur Students on the Hands of Bashir: This is How Sudanese Stude

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Darfur Union in the UK: Blood of Darfur Students on the Hands of Bashir: This is How Sudanese Stude

09-02-2017, 09:44 PM
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Darfur Union in the UK: Blood of Darfur Students on the Hands of Bashir: This is How Sudanese Stude

    08:44 PM September, 02 2017

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    Darfur Union in the UK: Blood of Darfur Students on the Hands of Bashir: This is How Sudanese Students Received Eid


    The scenario was as follows:-
    A group of Sudanese students (from Darfur) resides at Omdurman University halls/dorms, came under attack from Sudan government militias and pro government thugs after the later group forced entered the dorm and violently attacked the students. As a result, one student was killed, named Jafaar Mohammed Abdel Bari (aka Guevara). Two other students were seriously injured
    Mohammed Ali Kalol - seriously injured by sharp object
    Ashraf Elhadi Eldooma - died as a result of his injuries.

    Two funerals were held in Khartoum where masses of Sudanese activists, students, opposition groups have gathered in a rally to bury the bodies of the two students. Jafaar was buried at Hamad Elnil Cemetery and Ashraf was buried at Al-Sahafa Cemetery.

    (See video link below)

    In any country where foul play is suspected behind a death of an individual, post mortem and the involvement of police and investigation team is essential and a must to bring perpetrators to justice for two reasons:- 1st to assert the rule of law: 2nd to ascertain justice and bring closure to the family of the victim.
    In the case of GoS vs. students and the marginalised people of Sudan, the legislator, the investigator, the prosecutor, the judge and the enforcer are all tied to the GoS and they never deviate from the tight line drawn by the government. The case of student Issam Omer versus the government of Sudan is the ultimate example of a politicised Judicial System in the country.

    Furthermore, Bashir regime continuous flirtatious behaviour with international community with regards to terrorism and migration provided them with some immunity from questioning when it comes to the human rights violations.

    The longest ongoing genocide in Darfur has entered its 14-15th year and the silence is deafening. Nonetheless, our people always strives for unity with other fellow Sudanese to promote our just case and to pursue the justice against the perpetrators.

    Darfur Union in the UK will continue to knock on all important doors in attempts to exert more pressure on the GoS to stop the prosecution of our people, to stop the genocide. Also, there a huge responsibility on the people of Sudan to unite, and for the opposition to take a lead and be more vocal when it comes to the safety of the vulnerable people.

    The international community lead by the US, UK, EU and UN should be very wary of rewarding the GoS any political or economical gains which will signal full endorsement of GoS actions on the ground.
    GoS have not fulfil the criteria for the economic sanctions to be lifted. This decision should be directly tied with human rights situation in the country which is beyond dire at the moment.

    It is a worth reminder that ca. 40 organisations, individuals and governments across the world had submitted written and oral evidence with regards to the relationship between UK and GoS, and the evidence was submitted to the APPG . Darfur Union in the UK was one of the organisations to summit evidence which argued against the continuing of bilateral relationship between Her Majesty's Government and the Government of Sudan (lead by the ICC indictee Omer Al-Bashir). One of the main evidence was GoS harbouring terrorist organisations and providing gateway to ISIS (see Ref. 1). For example the notorious militia from Uganda, the Lord’s Resistance Army, is said to reside in southern Darfur - Bahar Al-Arab area, just near the border of South Sudan. Recently, unconfirmed reports have surfaced of ISIS cells in eastern and north western Darfur. Despite all of this, it is still proposed that Sudan is given resources to act as a gatekeeper with regards to refugees from the Horn of Africa.

    Furthermore, the Sudanese regime gave permission for ISIS to establish a club at the University of Medical Sciences and Technology in Khartoum. The government continues to provide sanctuary to terrorists and serves as a fertile recruitment ground for ISIS (as highlighted by the US State Department). For instance, 21 British Sudanese students studying at that very university have joined ISIS to participate in the jihadi war waged against the innocent citizens of the world (Reported in the Guardian, the Telegraph, BBC, and correspondence of the FCO).

    In conclusion, diplomacy and negotiations are often the best approaches to solve problems, overcome atrocities, and to bring about a lasting peace that would help in healing the wounds and despair of war. However, justice is an ever accompanying factor of peace in the formula of stability. Both usually go side by side.
    The government of Sudan has committed war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in Darfur, and currently they are repeating the same scenario in Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile State. The war in Darfur is not over yet and scores of people fled western Darfur to IDP camps across the province over the 2nd quarter of 2017. Damning evidence of systematic rape, killing, abuse, torture and imprisonment have been provided by NGOs and whistleblowers who used to work for organisations such as UNAMID. Also our students in universities and colleagues across Sudan are facing selected targeting based on ethnicity (see ref. 2). We plea to international powers (US, UK, EU) to rethink there position regarding the government of Sudan and its dealing with President Bashir, an ICC indictee. Furthermore, we ask them to continue it support with respect to the following:

    The process of restructuring UNAMID was hit by severe cuts which in turn will reduce the function of the unit. We ask the US in particular to push for the reform of the unit and to keep funding UNAMID so that the force can be a fully oriented towards protecting Darfur’s IDPs, and also to be more committed and accurate in documenting and addressing the aerial bombardment against civilians.

    The peace process and negotiations needs an independent mediator. We ask the major powers to be part of the process given there ties with Sudan through out the recent history. This is due to the current mediators seeming bias towards protecting dictatorships in the region.

    The international community should continue its support of the international criminal court and also should push countries not to receive President Bashir for visits. There should be a push to urge the ICC to amend arrest warrants in light of recent atrocities and consider advocating for expansion of the mandate to include atrocities committed in South Kordofan, Blue Nile, and other parts of Sudan.

    Press Office - Darfur Union in the UK
    Website: https://darfurunionuk.wordpress.comhttps://darfurunionuk.wordpress.com
    Email: [email protected]
    Twitter handle: @darfurunionuk

    Ref. 1: UK – Sudan Relations – Interests vs. Atrocities and Human Rights Abuses

    Ref. 2: The Continuum of Targeting Sudanese Youth and Students from Darfur Across Sudan by GoS: The University of Bakhtalruda Incident as an Example

    Rally Video from Khartoum:-
    Note: this video link was copied from Zari Sudan YouTube Channel

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Darfur Union in the UK: Blood of Darfur Students on the Hands of Bashir: This is How Sudanese Stude
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