declaration from Beja people in the United States of America

سودانيز اون لاين
9/8 1:38pm

Dear Abubkar
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Philadelphia Declaration on cause of Eastern Sudan.

The Beja people in North America following a workshop issued the following declaration on August 31st 2004.

Believing in just cause and right of our people in the Eastern Sudan to a decent life to reaffirm the unity of the new Sudan forces, to express solidarity with the freedom fighters of the Beja congress party and all these who are struggling to build the new Sudan and in response to the current events in Sudanese political arena, and to work for the preservation of unified Sudan on new foundations that ensure equal citizenship rights and justice for all the Sudanese regardless of their ethnic, cultural or religious background, members of Beja congress party met in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania ,USA for a two day workshop on the cause of Eastern Sudan, and agreed on the following principles.

1. Full support to the Beja congress and the coordination with the leadership in the liberated areas and within the country.

2. To work for the realization of the Beja people demands by all the means available.

3. The right for self-determination is to be guaranteed to all the people of the Sudan.

4. To demand the establishment of a true federal system of government the ensures the basic right of people in the Eastern Sudan with international and regional guarantees in a similar fashion to the agreement reached between the Sudan people liberation movement and the Sudanese government particularly with respect to the security and military agreements and the fair distribution of power and wealth.

5. Discarding partial solutions and resolving all the Sudanese problems in total.

6. Any agreement concluded with current regime concerning Eastern Sudan that does not meet the all the demands of the Beja people is unacceptable and unbinding.

7. The confiscation of lands owned by the Beja people long before the Sudanese estate was established is an outrageous trespass of property rights.

8. All alliances concluded with other opposition forces should include clear reference and emphasis on the Beja demands.

9.The conferees express concern over the deterioration of education, health services and women’s right in the eastern Sudan, which is the result of the erratic, polices of the present and previous governments.

10.The conferees reaffirm their determination to fail the Khartoum government’s play to sow disunity and discord among the people of eastern Sudan.

11. They condemn the Khartoum government polices of ethnic cleansing against the people of Darfur.

12.The conferees call on the united nation, the USA, the European Union, the human rights organizations and the world community to more attention to the cause of Beja people in the eastern Sudan, the same way they did with regard to the issue of southern Sudan, Darfur, and Nuba mountains in order to prevent a repeat of the problems in the southern Sudan and Darfur.

A salute to the martyrs of the Beja Congress.

Yours sincerely

Mousa Seedy Mohamed

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