A Joint Statement on the meeting for coordination among the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) Negotiating Teams with the Government of Sudan (GOS) in Naivasha, Abuja and Cairo

سودانيز اون لاين
10/7 11:02am

Although the NDA was of the view that the Sudanese conflict should be resolved in a single negotiating forum, the situation has dictated the creation of three peace fora. Coordination among these fora has thus become crucially imperative. To that end, representatives from NDA delegations to Naivasha, Abuja and Cairo peace talks met in Nairobi on October 6 to coordinate strategies for negotiations in the three tracks. The meeting resolved the following:

• The final aim of negotiations in the three tracks should be a comprehensive peaceful resolution that provides for the democratic transformation of the country and building of a New Sudan.

• The negotiation fora should serve to bring about a genuine lasting peace, and not be used for buying time or creating contradictions and collisions. Their outcome should enhance the smooth implementation of the comprehensive peace agreement.

• The meeting underlined the NDA’s endorsement of the six Naivasha peace protocols and called for the expeditious resolution of the remaining technical issues at Naivasha peace process, as well as the substantive issues in both the Abuja and Cairo fora, in order to create a new environment for the final denouement of Sudan’s present crisis.

• The meeting reaffirms the unity of the NDA forces in the three peace fora and their commitment to the creation of broader understanding among other opposition forces. Meanwhile, the NDA parties engaged in the three peace fora shall ensure better coordination and joint action among themselves as well as with all other Sudanese political forces striving for comprehensive peace and democratic transformation.

• Though acknowledging the particularities of the issues discussed in each peace forum, the meeting underlines the need to bring together the common strands, so as to ensure that the final outcome of the negotiations is comprehensive peace and a fully-fledged democratic transformation.

• Claims that preoccupation with one peace forum frustrates, by necessity, the pursuit of negotiations in other fora only serves to create confusion and aversion of bringing negotiations in all fora to a fruitful end. However, it should be noted that the speedy conclusion of the Naivasha process, the core of which is already in place, will propel the other tracks leading to a final, comprehensive peace agreement and democratic transformation.

Representatives from the NDA Delegation to Cairo Negotiations
Representatives from the SLM Delegation to Abuja Peace Talks
Representatives from the SPLM Delegation to IGAD Peace Process

Nairobi, October 7, 2004

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