Statement from Bakri Abubakr, webmaster of web siteٍٍS

سودانيز اون لاين
7/8 1:08pm

Statement from Bakri Abubakr, webmaster of web site
About the ban of the web site in Sudan by the Telecommunication Corporation web site was established on January 2000 in the United States to be broadcasted to the world through the internet. The web site is managed by Bayan IT Inc. which is a Sudanese company managed from Arizona by Bakri Abubakar. The aims of our web site since the establishment are:

• To improve and distribute the awareness among the Sudanese People in Sudan and abroad.
• To be a Source of Sudanese News.
• To act as a social organization for Sudanese People in and outside Sudan.

Since its establishment the web site allowed the visitors and the members to write and note their opinions freely without any kind of observation or sensation. The web site contains many useful internal sites, for example the Daily News Site which allowed many news sources to have direct access to the page to post their news directly without contacting the web master.

This above mentioned facility is provided to all the Sudanese political parties and other civil society organizations, all the political parties responded positively to our invitation to make use of facility, except the National Congress Party (the Ruling Party) and the Peoples’ Congress Party (an ex-partner in the Government). We still wish their co-operation with us.

In the web site we provide a Discussion Board which act as a live discussion area for the Sudanese politicians, artists, journalists.. etc. in and outside our home-land, Sudan. We also provide unique pages for Sudanese Music and a Musical Libraries for many Sudanese Musicians and singers.

The web site has a special area for the free essays, a page for e-marriage, e-mate, chatting, graduate records and Social News pages.

Since the establishment of the web site we decided as web masters not to interfere with the free opinions, news or discussions posted in our web site by the members of the discussion board who belong to various political, cultural and religious varieties.
At 12:30 (Sudan Mean Time) July 7th 2004 we were surprised by the sudden blocking of our web site accession through the Sudanese internet service providers by the National Telecommunication Corporation. Directly I contacted the NTC. I knew from the NTC’s officials that the site was blocked by the order of the National Security Department because the site “continues to broadcast news and reports that in-danger the national security”. I asked to have a copy of the above mentioned order but they refused to handle me a copy.

Bakri Abubakar
Web master:
Sudan – Khartoum
Halfayat Almolook
July 7th 2004
Phone: +249912614135

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